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July 2021 Jerry from Synapse films talks about Reel Zombies in a podcast. It starts at 47:15 min in. 
Have a listen here!
Very happy to announce that there is an upcoming DVD release planned for "Reel Zombies" from the fine folks over at Synapse Films February 11. 2014 for all of North America . After touring this movie on the festival circuit worldwide, we couldn't be more excited to finally make it available to the mass public. Get your copy and comment on our youtube trailer page. Just click the Reel Zombies link below and hit play for the trailer. Enjoy!


Primal Films Inc. is bringing you the latest in Graphic Novels. Siege of the Zombies will be available in late 2014 as an 80 page post apocalyptic zombie thriller guaranteed to keep you awake in the wee hours of the morning boarding up your windows. ​

Reel Zombies is being released in February 2014 in the USA through Synapse Films and in the UK with Grimm Entertainment Ltd. including a theatrical release. 

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