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Zombie Night II; Awakening Press Kit


Bill "Red" Simmons as a Zombie in Awakening; Zombie Night II. A modern day action/ horror. Primal Films Inc. and Last Call Productions are independent Canadian film Production companies.

Sharon Dewitt as Shelley in Awakening; Zombie Night II. A modern day action/ horror. Primal Films Inc. and Last Call Productions are independent Canadian film Production companies.

Johnny Paris as Johnny and Sarah-Jean Villa as Vicki in Awakening; Zombie Night II. A modern day action/ horror. Primal Films Inc. and Last Call Productions are independent Canadian film Production companies.

Dan Rooney as Basil, Kari Grace as Crystal, Bob Hillhouse as Pascal, Nick Smith as Saul, Sharon Dewitt as Shelley and Steve Curtis as Keith in Awakening; Zombie Night II. A modern day action/ horror. Primal Films Inc. and Last Call Productions are independent Canadian film Production companies.

Johnny Paris as Johnny and Sarah-Jean Villa as Vicki in Awakening; Zombie Night II. A modern day action/ horror. Primal Films Inc. and Last Call Productions are independent Canadian film Production companies.

I’ve wandered through the streets
Of a decaying city
Flooding rivers of blood
Swept through the alleys
Engulfing the rich
In its lustrous color
Leaving the poor
To rot in the heat
Licking selfishly
From the pools of wine
Amber Bowerman 1990

They are all that is left of humanity… nothing remains, yet the horror that emerges when the light has faded is not all they have to fear.


When the sun sets no survivor dares to be in the open. To be alone in the dark is suicide.

Nothing could have prepared civilization for the horror that a simple mosquito bite could bring. The virus spread like wildfire, starting in warm rainforests and breeding in the humidity, the virus let loose its horror on humanity. It all began with a simple mosquito bite, one hundred percent mortality rate. That was bad enough. But when the dead began to rise with nothing but hunger on what remained of their minds, the mosquitoes were forgotten. The virus they carried had lived its life anyway. But for the human race, time was running out. The virus mutated once inside its human carriers spreading through their saliva and blood it circumnavigated the globe in a matter of weeks. Blame was laid but never proven.

It didn’t matter anyway. Everyone was dead… or walking dead. The horror had begun.


Six months after the last of the news broadcasts were silenced and six months after the emergency broadcast system shut down, the ragged remaining humans still battled for safety, food and survival. Brotherhood was not a factor, only the possibility of living through another night.

One lone soldier of the afterworld rides through the remnants of everything that once existed. He is seeking something and finds it when he meets his new partners in survival.

Shelley and Keith, thrown together by the collapse of their worlds, witness the need to never trust or believe yet they find purpose once again. Regrettably their recent past comes back to haunt them, like the living dead but with a more defined purpose.


Feeling safe in an abandoned marina, they find a semblance of happiness with new friends. They hide during the night but manage to create a sense of community and order during the day. Things are looking brighter for all.

Safety is a luxury that the innocent get caught in time and time again and this is no exception. When their guard is down, the past strikes as the walking dead are hungrily looking for food. The horror is complete as Zombies overrun the marina and the survivors must decide who can be saved and who must die.

Death is only the beginning.



SHELLEY - Sharon Dewitt

Sharon Dewitt trained at Humber College and has been acting for five years on the stage and large and small screen, her second largest role to date was playing Roxanne in the Independent short "Postal" directed by Peter Skronsky.

KEITH - Steve Curtis

Steven Curtis is the only returning cast member from Zombie Night 1, reprising his role as Keith. Steve is originally from Manchester, England, but now lives in Toronto with his wife and 3 children.

BASIL - Dan Rooney

Dan began his acting career at the young age of 12 and received honors when he started acting classes at 14. Dan starred in "Unhealthy to be Unpleasant" at 17 then joined a traveling theatre group. In 2002 he took a starring role as Jesus before becoming Basil in "Awakening.

CRYSTAL - Kari Grace

Ottawa native, Kari Grace made the move to Toronto, after completing her undergraduate degree at Concordia University. “Toronto’s film industry drew me here, there’s always something going on, Toronto is an interesting place to be.”  Kari has been featured in many Independent films, television shows, commercials and on stage, most recently in ‘Practicing Art’ New Ideas Festival 2005

SAUL - Nick Smith

Born on Sept. 9th 1983 in Nova Scotia, Canada. Nick Smith started working as a series regular with the CBC show Street Cents (1989) while still attending Auburn Drive High School in 2002. He started performing Stand-up Comedy constantly at age 19 in Halifax and then moved to Toronto, Canada at age 20 where he worked briefly with Much Music and then started doing various commercials and comedy gigs around town while taking workshops at the famed Toronto comedy theatre 'Second City'.


PASCAL - Bob Hill house

Bob divides his time between Prince Edward County and his home in Toronto. He currently has commercials running in Canada, US, Mexico, Germany and Spain. He has been in over 50 spots.

The Office Temps features Bob in numerous businesses that use temporary workers who are unaware they are being filmed. It can be seen on Global Television and Men's TV in Canada.

As a student at Queen's University, Bob starred in his first horror film. He was thrilled to revisit this genre in Zombie Night Two.



JOHNNY - Johnny Paris

Johnny Paris was born in Oklahoma and raised in Springfield, Missouri. His family moved to Canada when he was five. Ever since he could remember he wanted to perform in front of an audience. He acted in many films and commercials as a child.

Johnny took a break from acting to finish high school where he began his long love affair with Shakespeare's plays. He also began to take on singing. Johnny performed in many plays and won various awards at music festivals such as: 1st place Pop Solo at the American Guild of Music.

He did one year at York University where he majored in Theatre and Film. He also studied Japanese where he won the grand prize at the national speech contest.

Currently Johnny is a full time actor working on many feature films and commercials. Working on Zombie Night 2 for Johnny was a dream come true for he is a major horror movie fanatic. This year alone he's worked on seven different horror films!

VIKKI - Sarah-Jean Villa

Sarah-Jean is a singer, actor, dancer and songwriter. She has graduated from The Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts. Since graduating from Randolph she has performed in Snow White (The Bully Show) across Ontario as Snow White, The Summerworks Festival in Every Night's Hot at the Va Va Voom! as Florence, in the musical Grease as Jan, was a member of the R9 Comedy Improv Troupe, and will be featured in Snapp Magazine. Sarah-Jean has been accepted to The American Academy for The Dramatic Arts in New York.

LOGAN - Mark Parr

Mark Parr has been a professional actor since 1975 when he appeared in "Equus" with Richard Burton. After a twenty-year career in film, television, circus and theatre, he traveled to Asia and opened a bar in Hong Kong and a restaurant in Phnom Penh Cambodia. Zombie Night 2 is his first feature film since returning to Canada in 2003, and marks his film debut as a villain.  He is currently working on a screenplay about his adventures in Cambodia.


ELI - Dana McArdle

Dana McArdle started acting 3 years ago. He has done improvisational training at Second City in Toronto. His most recent achievements are 'Dances with Bulls', Cabbage Town Film Festival, directed by Cosimo Zitani and 'Today is Your Lucky Day' a music video by The Salads. It can be viewed at  Now he is Eli in "The Awakening"




ROB SCAROROUGH (Director of Photography)

Rob Scarborough is from Stratford Ontario Canada and is a graduate of The Film and Television production program at Humber College in Toronto. He currently resides in Toronto and is working as a freelance technician and director of photography. 

Rob has worked as a technician on music videos, short films, and commercials while maintaining his eye for shooting. He has shot over ten short films, spec commercials, and two feature films.

Rob was nominated for a student CSC award for his cinematography on the film Intertwined Lives and received the Strand Lighting Award for the same film.

DAVID J. FRANCIS (Writer/Director)

David Francis loved story telling as child.  He could often be found creating comedies and horror stories and then recording them on his cassette player. Drawn to the stage, he was active in both high school and community theatre and even dabbled in stand-up comedy.

David fed his love of performing by studying theatre arts at Algonquin College in Ottawa, Ontario and later at the University of Ottawa.

It was at the latter that David became a volunteer at the University’s television show TV Zoom.  David dedicated himself to the show often working up to seventy hours a week in addition to a holding down a full time job, a part time job and maintaining his full time university studies. Within two years David was producing, writing, hosting, shooting and editing the successful sketch comedy show. It was on this show that David met Amber Bowerman, his future wife and producing partner. 

Eventually David and Amber moved to Toronto, where Dave immersed himself in the film industry. Through his involvement there, David was introduced to many individuals who shared his love of the horror genre and his interest in creating feature horror films.  This allowed him to complete his first feature Zombie Night that is currently in video stores and the Awakening – Zombie Night 2. David has five other feature films written and is planning to shoot two in the summer of 2007.

Mike Masters (Producer)

Mike Masters is a film, television and commercial producer who has worked on over 10 feature films, critically acclaimed shorts and commercials for such clients as KFC, Northern Reflections, Cogeco and Logitech to name a few.

Mike is active in the independent film community and recently Line Produced the feature film Blood directed by Jerry Cicorriti. The film, along with another short Mike produced “Stronger” premiered at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival and was also accepted to Sundance.

The Summer of 2005 saw Mike produce two films, Zombie Night 2 and Your Beautiful Cul De Sac Home which are both now in post-production. 

A writer all his life, Mike has written six feature screenplays.  He has sold options on two of them, placed as a Finalist in The Hollywood Next Success Screenwriting Contest, and in the summer of 2000 he had a short play produced off- Broadway at the Pulse Ensemble Theatre in New York.  He was the recipient of the 2001 Edward R. Rollins' award for Outstanding Screenwriting.

His educational background is a mix of practical business skills acquired through an Honors Commerce Degree at McMaster and an overall film knowledge through Humber College's prestigious Film and Television Production Program.

Chris Bellio (Editor)

Chris has been involved in the film industry for many years. Starting with a love of writing Chris felt he always had a knack for visual story telling.  Winning a nomination for his short film screenplay “Mild Indiscretion” while studying film at Ryerson University. 

He has excelled as a camera operator, director of photography and has dabbled in the acting field but decided to dedicate his considerable talents to editing and digital effects. He was the editor for "Zombie Night".  Primal Films and Last Call Productions brought him back for "Awakening".  Comparing Primal Films’ first feature to their current one Chris says “It’s so much easier being in on the initial planning as a Post Production Supervisor/Digital Effects Compositor/Editor than on the first film.  I came onto the ‘Zombie Night’ project right after production had wrapped and had a great time putting this movie together while forming a great new friendship with Dave”.


Chris has worked on many other feature and short film projects and has earned quite a reputation making spots for Pepsi, Reckitt Benckiser and Kimberly Clarke on several occasions.

Currently Chris can be found putting the final touches on the film “Apartments At 254” as well as “Awakening”.

Carlos Henriques (Key Special F/X Make-Up)

It was Creepshow that lured him in – the rotting corpses, the severed heads, the bloodthirsty monsters, and the skin-crawling cockroaches. It was all a boy could want.

Twenty years later, after having completed a Special Effects program at a prestigious Make Up school in Toronto, Carlos has worked on 35 short and feature length films – several of which (Not a Fish Story, The fighter, Infant Invasion) have been featured at various film festivals world-wide. In addition, he has ventured into the realm of theatre providing all the special effects for Evil Dead the Musical, which made its premiere at the Just for Laughs festival in Montreal, Canada. His most recent projects include the splatter film Vs the Dead, Michael Lee-Chin’s The Artist and the highly anticipated horror film Zombie Night 2 – The Awakening in which he was the Special Effects Supervisor.

Carlos is presently working for Cuppa Coffee, the largest stop-motion studio in North America, while continuing to work in film as well as running, a website offering horror merchandise for every horror fiend’s needs.

Roman Zebik (Post Audio Designer/ Orchestration)

Owner and operator of Roman's Music Studios, Roman was born and raised in Jelenia Gora, Poland.  A stronghold artistic community within the city. His passion toward music and music composition has not changed since he was 3 years old. By the age of 18, he became a full time member of the International Jazz Federation. Discipline and hunger to strive for success allowed him to accomplish his education in Mechanical Engineering and Music. Driven by family genes, his decision to follow music as a full time career was a natural development that has allowed him to become successful in music arts. He has won many musical and cultural awards and to this day, he is a musician and composer, creator of soundtracks for movies, games, theatre and multimedia productions. Member of SOCAN, ASCAP and Canadian Singers Songwriters Society.  Roman was thrilled at the chance to demonstrate his skills at Orchestration, dialogue recording, Sound effects recording and sound design for Awakening. A treat that everyone will enjoy.


Candice Beuckx (Costume Designer)
Candice received her honors degree in costume design and set design for theatre from York University in 2003 and has been working extremely hard ever since.  Having a theatrical background has become an asset in the film industry for her, giving her a keen sense of detail and an absolute drive for perfection.


Rob Scarborough comes from a background in both music video and short film, which allowed him to approach his first feature film with a unique and experienced eye. The idea for the look of Zombie Night II was first introduced to Francis in the early stages of pre-production.  As Scarborough describes, “both Dave and I wanted the film to have an extinct feel. What is meant by this, is that we wanted the earth inhabited by these characters to feel completely desolate, totally destroyed by the zombies. So the idea that I had was to add a burnt feel to the camera making the greens look brown and purposely overexposing certain parts of the frame.” Zombie Night II was shot digitally on the Panasonic DVX 100 to give the film a wanted documentary-like feel, mindfully crafted as the characters move towards their final days in the compound.


Editing and Post Production

Covering the realm of Post Production on Awakening is Chris Bellio (Post Production Supervisor/Digital Effects Compositor/Editor) and Roman Zebik (Composer and Sound Designer).

Wanting a good turn around on Awakening as it pertains to the post process David Francis and Mike Masters called back Chris Bellio to perform the picture edit.  Known for his attention to detail and fast editing techniques Chris and his Timecode Productions was what was needed to form this feature together.

Rounding out the Post Production team this time around is a great find in Roman Zebick.  A highly talented musician whose list of musical abilities is just too long to fit in here. His talents are lent to bringing us the emotion needed for the suspense of the story in Awakening through his orchestral score and Sound Design along with his partner and son Michael Zebik. 

“We came upon Roman simply by holding a bevy of interviews for the position.  Truth be told we weren’t sure what we were getting when we decided to go with him until we heard his first tracks that he made for the film.  Then we knew we were lucky just to have met him.”  Says Chris Bellio of his newly found Post Production team member.


Location, Location, Location

“We learned a lot from making the first film,” says Producer Mike Masters “when you’re making an FX/stunts driven film on our kind of budget, you have to have to be smart in the way you approach the process. In this instance, location was the key. Dave didn’t even start the script until we had a location locked down. In the first film, the script had all these vast expanses of abandoned schools, and we were never able to find locations to match his vision. The result was you had all this script action and dialogue that never matched the physical environment. In this film, we found this abandoned Marina and worked the script not only to this great compound, but everything we had easy access to around it.”

Francis used an immersion technique to pen the script. He stood in the empty marina for hours to get a feel for the location then he began to walk around visualizing different scenes throughout the marina. “It was strange” Dave says, “I was walking by this pile of weeds and thought, that would be a great place for Zombies to come out of in fading sunlight”. Closer examination found an abandoned culvert behind the scrub. Months later when shooting the scene though, the film crew discovered a beehive inside the tube and the all made a run for safety. Not easy to do when the extras are covered in a corn syrup based fake blood… “Just another day at the office” Francis chuckles.

The Town of Desoronto

“We could not have made this film without the support of the Town of Desoronto,” Masters goes on to say, “these people embraced the film and offered more than I could ever have hoped for. They gave us complete access to facilities from helping us get the electricity and water at the marina running, to shutting down city streets to give the film a bigger look than its budget would normally allow. And then there were the people. Almost everyone in the town was behind us and offered us a steady flow of zombies, and production assistants to help build the massive barricade, which is a huge plot line of the film. In return, I like to think we gave a little something back. For 3 weeks, this town had a common purpose and goal and we were able to cast many locals in speaking roles.”

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