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Siege of the Zombies a Graphic Novel


Each minute
a door is opened
a door to a new land
a new dimension
only a few hold the key
Only the privileged
only the newly

Amber Bowerman 1991

Out of the ashes come the last of the civilized, scavenging for their survival, hunted by gangs of Road Rats and fed upon by the living dead; these are the children of the apocalypse.


Falling from their everyday lives into a Post Apocalyptic nightmare, Mason, Keith, Emily and Colleen find each other and pool their resources in order to survive. With no radio or television until they find a military radio that still works, they rely on the people they meet to discover the fate of the world after the nuclear and chemical Holocaust.
Survivors are scarred by flash burns from the nuclear blast and have become scavengers, fighting each other for any scraps they can find. The more organized have barricaded themselves in any structure still standing, defending themselves against the vicious Road Rats; Post Apocalyptic gangs of the worst that humanity had produced. These gangs prey upon the less fortunate and the helpless, torturing, raping and pillaging, their lucky victims are the ones killed quickly.
To make their circumstances yet more perilous, a chemical in the warheads has released an Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) that has rendered most vehicles and electronics useless by destroying their computer boards. Traveling on foot, the survivors hide from the Road Rats and from the monsters that control the night. A chemical in the bombs has infected tens of thousands with a contagious bacteria which turns its victims into man eating Zombies. The bacteria attacked the brains of its victims leaving them with no emotion or brain activity other than to follow their most primal instincts, to hunt, kill and feed. Unfortunately the most abundant food source is


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