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Never let this nite end
Allow forever this freedom
Let tomorrow always
Remain tomorrow
For tonight
I am content
Within your arms. 

Amber Francis 1990

Zombie Night Teaser

Zombie Night Trailer

Steve Curtis

Steve, the token British actor Curtis, was thrilled to star as Keith, the all action hero, in the new horror thriller – Zombie Night. Born and bred in England, Steve arrived on Canadian soils in July 2001. He could not believe his luck when he walked straight into a lead role in his first feature film, especially one where he was able to show and flex his muscles. The experience of working with the cast and crew of Zombie Night has been one that Steve will remember forever.

Andrea Ramolo

Born on September 3, 1980 this Toronto-native has been performing for audiences since the young age of three.  Having been a competitive dancer for over 15 years with appearances on Tiny Talent Time, Dance Mix, and Showstopper American Dance Championship, Andrea decided to focus on her acting career.  She was ecstatic to have her first feature film debut with Zombie Night, an experience that she quotes "helped me reaffirm my love for acting and for film."  Besides other independent films and music videos, Andrea has also worked in the theatre.  She played Silent Scream in the Toronto Fringe Festivals 'Jesus and the Divas' in 2001 and performed in a York student comedy called 'Fine Dining.'  Look for Andrea as the trophy wife, Amber, in David Francis' 'Zombie Night.'

Sandra Segovic

Sandra looks forward to different and exciting experiences. Needless to say, Zombie Night definitely provided endless enjoyment. With a background in Shotokan Karate, she was thrilled to play an adventurous role allowing her to fight zombies and use guns ! She hopes for a sequel where she can also ride a motorcycle while in the rescue

Dwayne Moniz

You do not have to twist the arm of Dwayne Moniz to get him to act in a ZOMBIE movie.  Raised on comic books and horror flicks, if you ask this Toronto native he wouldn't have it any other way. Tell him that he'll also be able to play with some serious weaponry and you'll have a guy that would only think it was possible by selling his soul to the devil. As Derek it is possible to believe he did.

Danny Ticknovich

Born August 27, 1975 in Oakville, Ontario. Danny is the oldest son in a family of three.  An athlete in high school and college, he now enjoys writing, snowboarding and fresh/saltwater fishing.
Danny has reunited with director David Francis playing the lead in Zombie Night.
They last worked together on the 1999-2000 action adventure series Peter Benchley’s Amazon produced by Alliance Atlantis.
Other film credits include 5 Days, Toronto: City of Dreams, Casting Call and Sam the Robot with appearances in Hurricane and American Psycho and a variety of international commercials.

Deanna Wales

Hi, my name is Deanna and I play the part of Emily in the movie Zombie Night.  I am 11 years old and have been acting for several years already.  This is my first chance to play the lead in a movie.  I loved playing the part of Emily and working with the rest of the cast.  However, anyone who is thinking of acting should know that it is a lot harder than it appears.  It can involve long hours and working outside in cold weather.  You also have to remember your lines so that you don’t mess up a shot!

I first met Dave Francis on the set of ‘Peter Benchley’s Amazon’, which was a TV series that only lasted one season.  I played the part of a ghost tribe child.  It was a lot of fun, but working on the movie Zombie Night’ was much more challenging.  I didn’t have any lines in ‘Amazon’, but had a lot in this film.


John Carson

John's most valuable training as an actor, director and writer has ocurred outside of the arts academies and institutions. What most informs his craft is his work with society's edge dwellers: Drug addicts, people with HIV+/AIDS , Gay/Lesbian/bi population, people  of the First  Nations, yoga practitioners and emotionally and mentally challenged individuals.  Carson studied theatre at  Concordia University and wrote his first play Underground  which was produced in Montreal by the Rainbow Theatre. He went
on to act in Stan Ryan's Starlight  and wrote and co-directed his second play Virgin Place in Toronto. He recently starred in both the Althea and Bemused Theatre Productions of Unidentified Human Remains And The True Nature of Love. He has acted in seven short films and Zombie Night is his first feature project.


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