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"features the funniest of the many recent cameos by Troma founder Lloyd Kaufman!"

"This movie F-ing Rocks!!!"   "“The Office meets “Clerks”"

"innovative and laugh out loud hilarious"

The BeaverMoose's Dam Review of Reel Zombies

"The writing is top notch... one of the funniest and original movies..."

"a ridiculous comedy of errors"

"original zombie story"

"this film should be required viewing for any indie horror filmmaker"

JoBlo Review of Reel Zombies

"This film will rock your socks off!"

"this one is the big bloody centerpiece to top off the rotted zombie cake!"

"Francis in particular is hilarious"!

"The zombies are excellent"

"Zombie Night has me in its peculiar zombie charm." says...


Reel Zombies (DVD) Reel Zombies (DVD) – A surprisingly fucking awesome independent zombie flick that was filmed in 2008 that has recently found distribution with Synapse Films. This film from Michael Masters and David J. Francis is just fucking brilliant and wish I heard about this flick earlier than this. The filmmakers play themselves in the film that takes place during a zombie apocalypse! Yep, the zombies have taken over but people are still trying to live their lives around as much as possible including Mr. Masters and Mr. Francis who have decided it is time to make “Zombie Night 3” but using real zombies in their scenes. So they set out on getting together their old buddies that worked behind the scenes on the first two “Zombie Night” films. Everybody not totally sold on the idea do it anyway because it just seems like it could be a great idea or just sold to them it will be great by the two filmmakers. The movie chronicles the mishaps, zombies eating the extras, the hero zombie being stolen from the set because the caretaker doesn’t want him to die, concert scene gone wrong, and the filmmakers trying to make a masterpiece. It’s a smart look into the behind the scenes of independent productions and you can tell these guys like myself have seen a lot of behind the scene stuff, worked on independent flicks, and most likely have watched way too many to count independent films over the years. The film is not only well scripted with the best cameo appearance of Lloyd Kaufmann that he has ever done, but well casted, great effects, and will be one of the best films that hit DVD in 2014! Don’t forget the laugh your ass of deleted scenes and outtakes (40 minutes of them). You can find this brilliant flick at .



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